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My least-favorite thoughts I had while watching this video, in no particular order:

  • That robot is being developed by DARPA, which stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. As usual with the government, that name tells you everything and nothing at once. You figure, OK, DARPA probably develops new military technologies, and you’d be right. They’re just particularly imaginative about what constitutes “new” — it’s less “make an awesome new gun” than “create powered military exoskeletons (definitely)” or “actually make a flying armored car (seriously)” or “make a plane that flies a million billion miles an hour and has working jaws on the front (probably not, but don’t mention it around any of the DARPA guys). It’s a robot that runs, but it’s not going to JUST be a robot that runs, if you catch my drift.
  • Robot’s awkward gait transforming into a confident gallop right around the 20-mile-per-hour mark is incredibly unsettling and suggests to me that the thing is actively learning how to be a better, faster, stronger death robot.
  • Most animals have wide, soft-padded feet. Robot has what appears to be monomolecular stabbing needles for feet.
  • You know — you just know — that they’re going to put a knife on it.
  • Sound of robot’s skittering feet brings to mind what a spider would sound like if it were the size of, say, a well-fed pig.
  • Realization that freaking DARPA is probably working on a gigantic spider robot as we speak.
  • Robots can’t climb stairs, right? Need to find the nearest tall tower and prep for the Robot Apocalypse.
  • God DAMMIT.
  • Thanks a lot, DARPA.